Giving Thanks, Albeit in a Rambling Sort of Way

I took this incredibly dramatic picture of runners waiting around for traffic
to clear before putting away the camera to get serious for the
Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

When we think of Thanksgiving traditions, most of us think of turkey dinner with family and friends.  And while I think of that too, I always also associate Thanksgiving with running.  Thanksgiving morning has usually meant a running a race ever since my high school days in Oak Park, IL, which I’d trek a few miles up to Chicago’s Riis Park for their annual Thanksgiving cross-country race, a tradition that I’m glad to see still exists today.

Thanksgiving races are always fun, since everyone’s in a good mood for the holidays and late November usually brings great running weather.  That tradition continued yesterday at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, a huge running extravaganza held in downtown San Jose.  So my wife and I joined nearly 25,000 runners, and then met up with a couple of friends for Thanksgiving dinner at the retirement home one of them manages.  And yes, a great Thanksgiving Day made me reflect on just what I’m thankful for.  And at the risk adding another insipid holiday “things I am thankful for” post into the blog-o-sphere, I’d like to share these things with you.

  • I’m thankful that on race day, I still remain excited, tense and focused on the upcoming effort, such that I spend little time snapping a bunch of pictures to post on my blog.  (That’s why most of my race pictures on this blog are pretty crappy, by the way.)
  • I’m thankful for finding an empty porta-potty just 15 minutes before the start of a race of 25,000 people without having to even wait in line.  If there is any testament to the incredible organization of the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, it is this.
  • I’m thankful for my Garmin watch, which told me that “easy pace” early in the race, was about a minute faster than goal pace, so I should slow down before it was too late.
  • I’m thankful I still have the energy to get out there in a 10k, having fun competing and pushing myself, and after over 33 years of running since starting at age twelve, I’m not too old for this shit.
  • I’m thankful my wife has found joy and fullfillment in running, too.
  • I’m also thankful that when my wife rolls her eyes at another one of my stupid jokes, she does it with such dramatic flare.
  • I’m thankful the standard turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes served at a retirement home, when enjoyed with the company of good friends, is elevated to a sublime eating experience.
  •  I’m thankful for sharing the deliciousness of Great Divide’s Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout with friends who also appreciate its rich, intense complex nature.
  • And finally, I’m thankful for you, because I write things so others gain by reading them, and there’s a satisfying feeling whenever I discover someone actually reads something here.

All the best to you for the holidays!