Headlands Brewing in Adventure Sports Journal

Phil Cutti (on left) and Patrick Horn, co-founders of
Headlands Brewing

There aren’t a lot of endurance athletes in the brewing community, but Phil Cutti, Brewmaster of Headlands Brewing is one of them. I’ve know Phil for nearly four years and enjoyed plenty of his beers over that time so I was glad to interview him for the latest issue of Adventure Sports Journal. You can read how has life as an outdoor endurance athlete has guided his brewery at the link below.

Headlands Brewing: Endurance Athlete Phil Cutti tinkers his way to top brew

The Rise of Craft Hard Cider in Adventure Sports Journal

The smiling faces at Red Branch’s Tap Room in Sunnyvale

I’ve always wondered what the big deal was about cider. After expanding my horizons and exploring this world for this article in the current issue of Adventure Sports Journal, I see what the big deal is about. I enjoyed a few ciders along the way and discovered the Red Branch Tap room, a neat little Silicon Valley hang-out. Many thanks to Wildcide’s Dan Gordon and Red Branch’s Mike Faul for taking time out of their busy schedules for interviews. I think it turned out to be a good review article on the beverage and hope you enjoy it.

Session Beer Stories in Adventure Sports Journal

One of the things I like most about talking with brewers about is most of their beers have a good story behind them.  That was the case the article on session beer in the current version of Adventure Sports Journal that’s out now.  I spoke with Anderson Valley’s Fal Allen, Strike Brewing’s Drew Ehrlich, and 21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan about how their session beers came to be.  You can read the online version here.

Talking with three brewmasters about their Winter Brews in Adventure Sports Journal

Ah, the winter brew round-up article.  True, it’s not the most original idea in beer writing. so I tried to tell a little story behind each beer’s creation.  I picked three of my favorite winter beers and interviewed Gordon Biesch’s Dan Gordon, 21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan and Ninkasi Brewing;s Jamie Floyd their take on how these beers came about. You can read it all in the latest issue of Adventure Sports Journal.  Hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

"The Evolution of Organic Beer" in Adventure Sports Journal

Bison Brewing’s Dan Del Grande

The short 15 year history of organic beer in California is an interesting one.  Bison Brewing’s Daniel Del Grande was instrumental in organizing a small band of organic brewers to spark the organic hop growing industry.  I also found it rather eye-opening that a very small shift in organic beer consumption in California could remove tons of chemical fertilizers and pesticides from the eco-system.  You can read the story of organic beer for yourself in the current issue of Adventure Sports Journal by following this link.

How California’s Drought is Affecting the Region’s Breweries in Adventure Sports Journal

The article I wrote for Adventure Sports Journal on how California’s Drought is affecting the region’s breweries is out.  You can read it online on the Adventure Sports Journal website.  It’s been a busy month for “real” writing, as I’ve finished up an article on Gordon Biersch for Edible Silicon Valley for the upcoming fall issue.  Nice to know someone besides my mom actually reads the stuff I write.

Review of Grossman’s "Beyond the Pale" in Adventure Sports Journal

Back in November, I reviewed Ken Grossman’s Beyond the Pale, his book about his creation of Sierra Nevada Brewing.   For the current issue of Adventure Sports Journal, I reworked it, giving it a more environmental emphasis, and you can read it here.