Good-bye to “Ramblings of a Beer Runner”

I knew the day would come when I’d decide to stop writing “Ramblings of a Beer Runner”, I just didn’t know when. It became increasing clear that time is now.

It’s a bittersweet moment. This blog gave me great joy. I’m proud of virtually everything I’ve written here, as well as the few related articles I wrote for Bay Area publications. Those few posts that make me cringe today were done in a spirit I was trying to capture, even if the execution was lacking. I’ve met so many people through 9 1/2 years of writing “Ramblings of a Beer Runner”, some of them becoming good friends. It’s tough to walk away and have been wrestling with this decision for weeks.

The beginning of the end started in January, when I decided to spend 2018 drinking less beer, but take the effort to appreciate each one more. Then a couple major studies came out this year, including one by The Lancet declaring there was no safe level of alcohol, and consuming a couple beers a day can still cause a measurable reduction in life expectancy. While The Lancet study was arguably overblown, this caused me  to further reevaluate my alcohol intake.

Funny thing was, as I started having fewer beers, I realized I wasn’t missing any of them. I lost some weight.  My training for November’s Big Sur Half-Marathon is going pretty well, attributable in part to less alcohol intake, as alcohol slows muscle recovery. There’s other things in life besides beer and I started getting a little more in tune with those things. I began to read more, and found myself skipping past beer articles and delving into things like politics and technology. As one of those damn liberals, it’s hard to get worked up over scourge of Hazy IPAs in the era of Trump.

Without boring you too much with my personal life, ending this blog represents a modest reorganization my priorities. But to quote a certain Supreme Court Justice, “I still like beer.” In fact, I had a very wonderful Coffee Porter last Friday after work. Even better, I didn’t feel the need to take a picture of it, or think about whether I wanted to review it, or deconstruct the taste into flavor components, or take note of the brewery that made it. It was a relief to just enjoy it.

It’s been a great ride, but it’s time for it to end. Thanks for joining it with me, and hope you got a lot out of it, too.

PS – I’ll still keep the blog up for the time being, so you can still read the articles if you’d like.





3 thoughts on “Good-bye to “Ramblings of a Beer Runner””

  1. Sad to see you shutting this down, but fully understand. You’ve always been a top reference point for me when visiting Northern Calif. and enjoyed working with you on our Beer Run events! Will you continue for Edible and elsewhere or is beer writing going on the back burner for you across the board?


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