The Session #138: The Personality of Wooden Barrels

Almanac Beer co-founders Damian Fagan (l) and Jesse Friedman (r)

For this month’s Session, Jack Perdue at Deep Beer asks us to explore the relationship between wood and beer.

For this, I turn to a recent discussion I had with Jesse Friedman, one of the co-founders of Almanac Beer, a San Francisco Bay Area brewery that brews all kinds of beers, but are best known for their barrel-aged sour ales. As you might expect, Jesse knows a lot about the intersection of wood and beer.

I was there to research a story on Almanac for the upcoming issue of Edible East Bay (forgive the shameless plug) and found talking with him for over an hour at Almanac’s new brewery in Alameda, CA to be a clinic on sour ale brewing. Of the many insights he shared over that afternoon, one that stuck with me that most is how he described variations between the wooden barrels he uses.  As Friedman puts it:

“What we find with barrel-aging is that each barrel takes on its own personality.  Different barrels will have different biomes in them, yeast and bacteria inside..bugs we call them. Barrels will also have different physical characteristics, so this barrel lets in more oxygen while this other one lets in less oxygen and they take on their own personality so that’s where the blending process comes in for us.  Everything gets tasted individually and then we create blends from there and the blend is a really really important step of the sour beer process…..we taste and we blend to create the beer we’re trying to put together and that’s really important part of the barrel aging.”

Wooden barrels with different personalities? Not something you’d find with metal kegs.


(More shameless plugging: You can find the rest of the  story about Almanac Beer and how their new brewery in Alameda, CA will allow them to take their beer to new levels will be posted in a few days at Edible East Bay and this blog will have a link to it.)

almanac barrelhouse
Almanac Beer’s Almaden Brewery, Barrel House, and Tap Room

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