Rambling Review 6.12.2018: BFD (Beer for Drinking) from Sierra Nevada

We’re coming full circle.  Multinational Brewing Corporations like AB-InBev are at trying to transition away from being completely dependent on largely tasteless light lagers, mostly by buying up smaller breweries to expand their portfolio.  On the other hand highly respective brewing pioneers like Sierra Nevada are now “innovating” by releasing fairly tasteless brews. That’s my conclusion after drinking BFD, which Sierra Nevada helpfully informs us stands for “Beer for Drinking”.

They say it’s a hoppy Blonde Ale, but I didn’t perceive much hops. Or anything else. There’s nothing really wrong with BFD, just nothing really right with it. It’s just sort of…well, beer. Sierra Nevada can do the “light stuff” well. Kellerweis and Nooner Pilsner  are mighty fine brews.

One suspects BFD was largely concocted in a meeting room rather than on a brewery floor. It’s packaging is suspiciously similar to Firestone Walker’s 805, a break-out hit I find equally underwhelming.  I guess Sierra Nevada decided to put three big letters on their cans, to differentiate their product from Firestone Walker’s, which has three big numbers. How creative.

Is releasing minimal tasting beer to capture more market share the new thing for breweries like Sierra Nevada? If so, that’s a big fucking deal.

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