The Best Laid Plans Sort of Worked at The Across the Bay 12k

The Across the Bay 12k I ran this morning is a race of two distinct halves.  The first half starts on a winding road in Sausalito, takes a series of switchbacks to climb up the Golden Gate Bridge, crosses the Golden Gate Bridge, and then takes a bike trail down hill to Fort Point.  That’s about four miles of hills and turns. Then, it’s about a 3.5 mile straight shot to the finish in San Francisco’s Aquatic Park.

My plan was to get to the mid-point of the Golden Gate Bridge feeling pretty good to take advantage of the down hills. And that seemed to be working, as the hill climbing 2nd mile didn’t seem so bad, and as I crested the Golden Gate Bridge a third of the way into the race, I was feeling all right. Time wise, I had no idea how I was doing since my GPS watch was having trouble finding the satellites until I got onto the Golden Gate Bridge.  So far, so good with a little bit of a timing hiccup.

The bad news was that by the time I got down to Fort Point, I was still hanging in there but couldn’t find another gear. From Fort Point to the finish, I passed a women in front of me and was gaining on a pack of 2-3 at the finish, but never could quite catch up with them despite pressing hard the whole way on the flat section. Of course, that’s a lot better than falling apart over those 3 1/2 miles and getting passed by a bunch of people

I crossed the finish line is 50:04, good for 6:40 pace. Next up, in two weeks I’ll run my first mile race since my high school and college days at the One Mile Bang, a point-to-point road mile in Los Gatos. Given most of my training has been distance runs with some tempo work thrown in, I ought to be suitably unprepared for it.

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