Fan with Google Trends: “Craft Brewery” displaced “Microbrewery” only a couple years ago

To my ears, the word “Microbrewery” seems like a quaint relic of the 1990’s. While the “What does it mean to be a craft brewery?” discussions seem endless, and in my opinion, a bit pointless, it seems like the term “craft brewery” has left “microbrewery” in the dust a years ago.  But it hasn’t.  If you look at the frequency of Google search terms for “micro brewery”, “craft brewery” and “microbrewery” since 2004, you’ll find searches for “craft brewery” over took “microbrewery” search around 2016.

craft micro brewery since 2004

Maybe I find find the word “microbrewery” dated because I live in California. If you look at Google searches for “microbrewery”, “craft brewery” and “micro brewery” over the past 12 months, you’ll see that “microbrewery” is largely a Midwestern term, while “craft brewery” is more prevalent on the coasts.

craft micro brewery geography

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