Fun with Google Trends: Hazy/New England IPAs are still hot, glitter beer is not

Perhaps the two hottest beer trends this year are the continued growth of Hazy / New England IPAs and the emergence of the polarizing glitter beers. Looking over the last four years of Google Trends searches of Hazy IPA / NEIPA / New England IPA shows they are still hot, and arguably getting hotter:

Google searches for “Hazy IPA” (blue line), “NEIPA” (red line) and “New England IPA” (yellow line) over the past four years.

In addition, as I noted earlier, “Hazy IPA” is largely a West Coast term for these juicy tasting unfiltered IPAs, while “New England IPA” is used predominantly in the Central and Eastern United States, and these regional uses of the terms continues.

hazy- New England IPA US Geography 5-27-2018
US Geography of searches for “Hazy IPA” (blue states) and “New England IPA” (yellow states)

On the other hand, glitter beer was the hot spring sensation, with Google searches for “glitter beer” peaking in March:

glitter beer 5-27-2018
Searches for “glitter beer” from the beginning of 2018 to present.

Glitter beer searches have basically dropped back into the noise. Is glitter beer dead?  I’m not sure I’d write it off as a one-time fad but for now, people aren’t looking for them on Google.

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