The Session #134: Scenes from My Beer Garden

For this months Beer Blogging Session, Tom Cizauskas at “Yours for Good Fermentables” asks us to ponder what is, isn’t, should be, or where is a beer garden.

I never realized my back patio could be considered a beer garden until reading Tom’s Session announcement. I’ve savored many a beer on this small island of concrete, wedged in between my back door and garage, surrounded by a pair of hibiscus bushes, a lemon tree, potted herbs and succulents, and a small garden of chard, tomato and zucchini plants. On warm days, which is pretty much the norm in Northern California, I’ll take 20-30 minutes out of my day to stop and quietly sip a beer out there. Sometimes my wife will join me and we’ll chat a bit. Other times it’s just me.

I may be back on the patio just enjoying the weekend. Other times, it’s a place to recover from a hard day at work. Whatever the reason, the greenery poking up from the ground in my concrete urban world is the place to contemplate, or escape, life’s drama, with beer as the catalyst.

I’ll leave you with a few images of the place.


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