Ramblings on the Year that Was

This is the 58th and last blog post for the year of 2017. For those that pay attention to these things, it’s bit down from previous years, where I’d post at least 70 times a year.  The good news is the main reason for less blogging this year is that I’ve spent more time on writing assignments for print publications than ever before.  For the last few years, I’ve written on beery subjects for the the Edibles:  Edible Silicon Valley and Edible East Bay, two quarterly publications focused on local food in their respective Bay Area regions. This  year, I expanded my geographic horizons southward for a couple of pieces for Edible Monterey Bay.  And I’ve really enjoyed working with all the editors at these publications, who have really help pushed my writing to greater heights.

I’m pretty enthusiastic about a couple of articles coming out in upcoming issues in Edible Silicon Valley and Edible East Bay. My editors generally don’t like me giving out sneak peeks of stories, so I won’t do that here. I’ll just say these two upcoming stories touch on historical, economic, and social aspects of beer which is the type of beer writing I’ve always wanted to do the day I started this blog. I’m happy about the step forward my writing took in 2017 and hope to continue that again in 2018, even if that means less postings here.

In other news, my normally sleepy Facebook page and Twitter feed became, well let’s just say both were less sleepy in 2017. I enjoyed the various discussions with various friends in real life and anonymous passers by, and looking forward to even more livelier discussions next year. Social media can be a time waster, but on some days, you can pick up some real nuggets of knowledge plugging into the world’s hive mind.

Not only was it a good year for writing, it was a good year for running. I stayed pretty healthy in 2017 compared to the year before when I was perpetually battling injuries. Running became fun again, and I never had a bad race. Again, the plan is to sustain that in 2018, enjoying a few low-key races this spring.  Fall is a long way off but most likely, I’ll sign up for a big “circle the calendar” half-marathon.

Hope you don’t mind the personal navel gazing nature of this post, but if I can’t navel gaze once in a while, what’s the point of having a blog? Look forward to what 2018 has in store, and as always, thanks for reading! Without your readership, none of this would matter.

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