Scenes from Freewheel Brewing

A bit of personal good news is that I have a number of writing assignments in the works this fall for publication. The downside is these projects don’t leave much time for blogging, so my loyal readers (Hi Mom!) will notice a lot less activity here. I recently visited Redwood City’s Freewheel Brewing for one of those projects.

Freewheel is a brewery that doesn’t attract a lot of attention in the Bay Area. Well executed, sessionable English-style Cask ales hitting all the right notes to complement the food and conversation of a pub just aren’t as sexy as the aggressively flavored alcohol bombs dominating Northern California’s tap lists. I’ll admit it took me awhile to appreciate what Freewheel was doing, but I find their restrained yet flavorful beers just a pleasure to drink. While dry-hopped guava Imperial Saissons come and go, a good English bitter is something which endures.

Freewheel is also one of the few breweries in the United States that has an exclusively female head brewer, which might give you some idea what the article I’m working on is about. I’d like to take moment to thank Freewheel’s Head Brewer Alisha Blue and Sales and Marketing Director Devin Roberts for their time and assistance last Thursday and leave you from a few pictures I took at the brewery.



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