The Session #128 : Why Royal Liquors is one of the best damn bottle shops around

Jack Perdue asking us to weigh in our opinions on bottle shops for this month’s Beer Blogger Session, a good opportunity to give a shout out to my neighborhood bottle shop, Royal Liquors in San Jose, CA.  It may not have a big time reputation as other places in the San Francisco Bay Area and since it’s just a couple miles from my home, you could say I’m a little biased. It’s still one of the best damn bottle shops around, so let me tell you why.

Local ownership

OK, we’ve already gone through the “what’s makes it local” conundrum with breweries, so this potentially opens up another can of worms. Suffice to say, huge big box beverage stores like BevMo are driven by a lot of corporate interests and mass market forces. Smaller bottle shops driven by more local and niche’ preferences tend to have a more eclectic wide ranging selections, which is on full display at Royal Liquors,

Good selection of local, national and imported beers

Walk into Royal Liquors and you’ll find plenty of beers from top breweries all over the country as well as a lot of small breweries only a short drive away with a small distribution footprint. You’ll also find plenty of strong imports. A good mix of beers from both near and far is a sign of a good bottle shop.

Reasonable prices

If I shopped on price alone, I would never set foot in Royal Liquors. They can’t compete solely on price with grocery stores and big box liquor stores selling in much higher volume. That said, pricing at Royal Liquors is typically only a dollar more per six-pack and they always have something good on sale. I don’t mind paying a little extra at places like Royal Liquors to keep them in business. I’ve been to more than a few bottle shops with excellent selections, but with pricing that is just way out of bounds. I usually don’t go back.

Organized, well maintained inventory

A few well regarded bottle shops keep their beer stocked in a manner that could be charitably described as “semi-random”. This may seem charming, but suggests a certainly carelessness with merchandise and does not entirely respect the customer who is left to sift through disorder on the shelves. And sorry, I’m just not going to plunk down ten bucks on some IPA if there’s plenty of dust on the bottle because its been on sitting shelf, unrefridgerated for who knows how long.

I am not a patient man, so greatly appreciate it when the beer is laid out so I can find what I’m looking for with a minimum of effort. Royal Liquors organizes things for me and at least 80% of their inventory is kept refrigerated, so I’m confident whatever I spend my hard earned money on, it’s pretty fresh.

Specials for those “in the know”

There’s a lot of good stuff at Royal Liquors, some of it kept “hidden” in the back. Just ask the guy at the counter if you can go to the back and he’ll say “Sure”. I call this place the “inner sanctum” and you can to find some prize bottles there with a few other selections on sale. I hear you can sometimes find Pliny the Elder back there if you’re lucky.

Royal Liquors Inner Sanctum
The inner sanctum at Royal Liquors

Decent wine selection

In moments of weakness, I will drink wine.

Enthusiastic staff open to everyone’s opinion

There’s fine line between being knowledgeable and being a know-it-all beer snob. While the staff at Royal Liquors know a great deal about beer and are eager to tel you about the beers they like, they seem far more interested in learning from their customers than telling you what to drink. I suspect if I ever walked in and asked “Where can I find Natural Light?” they would kindly guide me over to the right spot in the cooler with the same demeanor as if I asked for Rochefort Trappistes 10 . If I ask for something from a new brewery they’ve never heard of it, they write it down with solemn urgency and look out for it. There’s a decent chance you’ll see it on the shelves next time.

And that my friends, is why Royal Liquors is one of the best damn bottle shops there is.

Royal Liquors Team
The fine folks at Royal Liquors. (This and the cover photo was swiped from their social media.)


2 thoughts on “The Session #128 : Why Royal Liquors is one of the best damn bottle shops around”

  1. Royal Liquors is also on Instagram and BeerMenus. I am another frequent shopper here. Let’s not forget Cask ‘N Flask and Maplewood Liquor over on the other side of Hwy 17. A couple of other places you might “research” for your Beer Blogger Session report: Kelly’s Liquors, Santa Clara Liquors, Bobby’s Liquors and Palo Alto Fine Wine & Spirits if you ever get that far north.


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