Linkage 7.31.2017: Glow-in-the-Dark Beer, more on ownership matters, and wild stuff

Some interesting reads over the past week you might enjoy:

Is glow-in-the-dark beer the next New England IPA?  San Diego Beer Makers’ Glow-in-the-Dark Beer Gets Glowing Reviews

The Democratic Party puts big beer in their political cross-hairs, via Brewbound: To Promote a Better Deal, Dems Criticize Megabrew

Andy Crouch, on brewery ownership transparency, via BeerAdvocate: Forget Craft: Let’s Try Talking Transparency 

Selling out is so 2015…Tara Nunin writes on the wave of craft brewery mega-mergers Forbes: New Brooklyn and Lagunitas Investments Show Why Selling Out Is So 2015 

Scientists are getting closer to understanding the microbes of wild fermentation Science: Microbe new to science found in self-fermented beer.


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