Grilled Vegetables Are Easy

A recent plate of grilled veggies looming in the darkness

It’s pretty damn difficult to screw up grilled vegetables. That’s the only conclusion I can possibly reach after spending a few evenings mucking around on the grill and still serving up good plates of grilled vegetables. In fact, as we head into winter it’s been getting so dark during the evening that I can barely see the vegetables I’m grilling and they still come out pretty good.

Grilling vegetables is pretty easy. Take some olive oil, add salt and pepper, throw in some other spices like oregano and hot pepper flakes, brush that on the sliced vegetables and throw them on the grill. Once you have nice grill marks on both sides they’re done.

You can buy books on the subject, and they certainly help, but you don’t need to. I consult my well worn copy of Steve Raichlen’s “How to Grill”, on of my earliest grilling inspirations from time to time. And you can get fancy with all sorts of more complicated marinades or rubs and extra ingredients, although it’s not really necessary.  Just about whatever you do with grilled vegetables will taste good.

Grilled vegetables are as underrated as they are easy.

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