Running Theta Breakers Seems Like the Right Goal

You’ve probably heard about a zillion times that goals are important in running.  Races always give training a direction, and my training was kind of going sideways for a few months now.  Of course, there were good reasons.  For the first time in a long time, my kids from a previous marriage were with me all summer.  There will always be races to run, but you only get one chance to raise your kids, so running took a back seat to that.  Then I dislocated my left shoulder in late July and lost a couple weeks of running from that.

So I signed up for Theta Breakers, a 10k this October 7th put on by Stanford University’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority to raise money for Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, and organization dedicated “to providing abused, abandoned, or neglected children with an advocate to serve as a voice in court.”  I could have signed up for the San Jose Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon, but am not really ready for big race like that, or in shape to do a decent half-marathon.  A smallish charity 10k seemed like the right goal to shoot for.

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