Water to Wine Half Marathon This Weekend

This weekend my wife and I venture into the wine and beer country of Sonoma County to run the Water to Wine Half-Marathon, which starts at Sonoma Lake and finishes in Healdsburg, CA, a net elevation drop of about 100 feet. I’m not in bad shape, I’m not in good shape for it, but since overtraining earlier this year in preparation for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon, my goals for this race are rather modest: Get to the starting line in decent shape, go out in a manageable pace, and leave enough to fight like hell for the last three miles.

I may be older and a lot slower than back in the day, and my goals and motivations for running and racing have changed. But one thing I’ve come to realize is the day I stop getting hyped for a race is the day I die.

And while I appreciate Alderbrook Winery sponsoring this race, I just don’t think I’ll be in the mood to sip a glass of wine after crossing the finish line. Instead there’ll be a Racer 5 from Healdsburg’s Bear Republic Brewing with my name on it.

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