The 2nd Annual SF Beer Week Beer Run is on!

I could wax philosophically about the egalitarian nature of both the sport of running and the beverage of beer. Or elucidate how a beer run fits into the California cultural ethic of work hard, play hard. But if I did, I’d probably start putting you all to sleep. So instead, I’ll simply invite you to the 2nd Annual SF Beer Week Beer Run this February 13th at 11 am in front of Social Kitchen and Brewery that I’m organizing with fellow beer runners Brian Yaeger and Bryan Kolesar, as part of SF Beer Week. I’m also grateful Rich Higgins of Social Kitchen and Brewery agreed to participate, but his arm probably didn’t need to be twisted very hard to support an event that would involve several thirsty people stopping on his doorstep before before noon. But he did agree to take a buck off our beers. You can find more details here.

Hope to see you there, and to help us figure out how many people will show up, please leave a comment to this post if you plan to be there.

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37 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual SF Beer Week Beer Run is on!”

  1. Beer and running — how could I not be there?

    I'm signed up for the 3:30pm Beer Judging class in the East Bay, but I assume we'll be done with this event by 1 or so (an hour for running and an hour for beer)…


  2. 3 of us from reno will be there, but we've got big plans for Saturday, so 5 miles may seem like a marathon…
    Looking forward to it, though. We've never been to the Social Kitchen or Magnolia!!


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