Beer of the Month: 3-Way by Anderson Valley Brewing

Today, I grant Anderson Valley Brewing’s 3-Way the title of Beer of the Month. 3-Way is a hybrid beer concocted from Anderson Valley’s ESB aged two years in whisky barrels, their 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA, and their Imperial Amber. It’s got this great warm, smokey, nutty, malty flavor with a very slight resiny hop finish. Give them credit for creating something unique, greater than the sum of it’s parts. I’m afraid it’s only available at the Tasting Room next to the brewery in Boonville, which Linda and I enjoyed on our honeymoon.

Of course, bringing up the subject of a 3-Way during a honeymoon is particularly dangerous. When I noticed this selection at the Anderson Valley Tasting Room, it seemed wise not to bring it up. Of course, I could only restrain myself for about five seconds before turning to Linda and asking, with a sly confidence, “Linda, would you be interested in a 3-Way on our honeymoon?”

“Why sure,” Linda replied, batting her eyelashes,”if Sting would join us, I’d be up for it.”

One of the many reason why I love her.

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